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Accredited Psychotherapist

Certified Professional Tantric Practitioner


Embodiment Workshop Facilitator since 2011

Committed to ongoing personal & professional development; having invested countless thousands of £s in trainings

Offering bespoke sessions & workshops in person & online in Spanish, Italian, English & Gujarati

LaMariposa (she/her)

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​This was the first time I attended this type of event & I must say how delighted I am to have taken the plunge & done so. I feel that I have discovered something new & delightful in my life. I feel that I've managed to open up a whole new world, an entirely new side of me which goes beyond the purely physical or sexual dynamic I have with others around me.

I feel strangely relaxed & at ease today, "connected" in some way. Although I was somewhat nervous about attending, as soon as I walked in I felt I was amongst friends & the absolute glee & delight of the facilitator was infectious, she was clearly having as much fun as the participants & we laughed so much & had so much fun I can hardly believe it was all so easy'


​'The event was light, fun and playful yet at the same time deep too. LaMariposa held the space amazingly for such a powerful & sensitive journey'


'Wow what an amazingly wonderful evening. It was beautifully constructed & such a warm connected loving space I would happily have stayed there all evening. I didn't know everyone at the start but by the end I felt so connected & warm towards everyone there'


'A most magical enhancing superb incredible brilliant event, fabulous people, such an atmosphere of souls, blessed to attend'


'Beautiful nourishing connecting experience. Thank you LaMariposa for your offering & gentle yet deep guide'


'Ecstasy within ecstasy. LaMariposa held a beautiful space, each time empowering me to unfold a very different essence of myself in a place of not-knowing'


'Had a very fantastic time. Looking forward to coming along next time & every time'