Somatrix Offerings

Are you curious about power dynamics?

Would you like to experience how it feels to:

  • Submit to the enticement of the senses?

  • Relinquish your power to another in a safely held space?

  • Surrender with the whole of your being; body, mind & spirit?

  • Bring awareness to your feelings & emotions, moment by moment?

  • Experience how it feels to receive the full attention of another?

  • Be completely aware moment by moment so as to enhance sensation?

  • Intensify sensation with the simplicity & power of breath?

  • Release unhelpful conditioning?

  • Uncover & heal your shadow side?

Whether this is familiar or a completely new concept for you, contact me.

‚ÄčLet's journey into the divine power of somatic conscious domination together...

Why Somatrix?

Somatrix combines 'Soma' meaning 'conscious embodiment' with Dominatrix.

The 'matrix in Somatrix also means 'accessing potential'. Accessing your potential by completely letting go is the intention for all Somatrix sessions.

When you surrender to my power, you will experience the elixir of somatic domination inspired by the effect of Soma, an ancient drink in the Vedas, that bestowed health, strength, insight & communion with divinity so as to open the mind, heart & inner landscape whilst purifying & healing the body.

It's going to work like this...
Client Intake Form

We are going to take advantage of the 50 min Zoom Consultation Session minute by minute, so I will ask you to fill out an intake form prior our meeting so I have an understanding about you & your desires. I request the form to be emailed back to me at least 48 hours prior to the start time of the session.

Zoom Consultation

The Initial Consultation Session is a 50 min Zoom video call to explore your needs, discuss  boundaries, clarify how we will do the session/s together & to experience how it feels to work together. 

Let's begin this transformational journey!
Email me

Let's find a day & time that is convenient for both of us. Weekday daytime & evenings are both a possibility for the initial online consultation session.

Bespoke Session

The 1st Bespoke Session is a minimum of 100 minutes to ensure enough time for authentic communication, an embodied exploration of boundaries & consent, then followed by the agreed ritual.