Bespoke Session FAQs

Bespoke Sessions will support you to gain more awareness & expansion of Self whilst acquiring techniques & insights to integrate into your life.

Each session is unique as the structure flows with the needs & boundaries agreed between you & I. However, all sessions:

  1. Begin with an embodied sharing of the feelings, boundaries & desires that are alive in the moment

  2. Continue with processes to drop deeper into the session

  3. End with aftercare, including a sharing of feelings about the experience & transformation

Please note:

~Initial consultations & bespoke sessions are a paid service

~I do not offer "extras"

~I do not offer sex

~I dress as I wish during the Bespoke Sessions, whilst incorporating the client's desires (within my boundaries) for the Somatrix sessions. I am not naked in sessions. I do not undress for my clients "on demand"

~Somatrix sessions are a co-creation, consisting of a myriad of options eg pain, client nudity, sensory deprivation/exploration etc. all of which are discussed & agreed in the consultation

~Touch, if incorporated into your chosen Bespoke Session, is within a therapeutic context only so as to enhance connection with your body & senses. Conscious Tantric Massage sessions involve 1 way touch only. Clients are guided to receive rather than take

~Conscious Tantric Massage sessions are available only for clients who have received a minimum of 2 Intimacy & Authenticity sessions due to the deep level of self-awareness, intimacy & trust required

~Bookings are confirmed only on receipt of a deposit paid via BACS, or for international clients. Unfortunately, no deposit means no booking. A cash deposit on the day is not accepted